Information at a glance

START Saturday 25 June 2022 from Bormio

1.440 km - 23.000 m. D+

Homologation BRM 150 hours , Homologation BRI 162 Hours 




Can anybody enter?

Almost. You will need to be aged 18 or over on 25 June 2022. Entries from under-aged will not be accepted. You must prove you are in good health with a medical certificate (stress test). There are no exceptions to this rule.


Is it necessary to qualify in order to enter?

No, it is not. But you will better enjoy your ride if you prepare well.


How do I enter?

Entries can only be completed using this website.


How much is the entry fee?

It goes from € 280 to 420€ as explained in the rules.

Which services are included in the entry?

In addition to the standard management costs, the following is included in the entry fee:

  • 8 dormitory facilities, some of which with showers available

  • 2 light refreshment facilities

  • 10 full refreshment facilities at accepted convenient prices

  • Tracking Chip or App

  • Finisher shirt and certificate

  • BRM (Les RandonneursMondiaux) homologation and/or BRI Audax Randonneurs Italia homologation 


Which other services are not included in the entry fee? 


Other services with online payment:

  • Bag Drop: 20€. Bags are handed in to the authorized staff in Bormio, delivered to the RANDO POINT in Rescaldina and available for double transit. Their dimensions must be smaller than 80x40x40 cm; their weight must be below 10 kgs. Bags will be again available for collection in Bormio after 10 pm on Wednesday the 29th of June 2022.
    There's no need to book the Bag Drop service, if you need it you will pay at the moment of the bag colletion
  • Shuttle Milano Malpensa (Airport) – Bormio ROUND TRIP (price and booking information will be available to riders no later than the 20th of May 2022). 


Is there an official shirt?

Yes. You will be able to buy an official shirt and complementary accessories.


Is it possible to cancel an entry?

Yes, as explained below.

The cancellation done 90 days before the start allows you to get back 70% of the total amount; 60% of the total amount if the cancellation is done 60 days before the start; 30% of the total amount if the cancellation is done 30 days before the start.

However, we will organize a waiting list of riders who want to sell their place in the last 60 days before the start. Once ALPI4000 will be sold out, in May we will run a waiting list of people who want to participate.

You will have the opportunity to cede your entry until 15 days before the start by contacting the organizers (a new procedure will cost 20€).


I've entered! Should I register as well?


Yes. You will need to complete your registration on Friday 24 June 2022 between 10 am and 8 pm. Registration will take place at the start.

You will need to bring some identification for registration (e.g. driving license, ID, passport).

Shuttle transfer to/from the airport


A transfer Shuttle to and from Bormio on the days of the event will be organized.
Please read more info


The Start

Where and When will ALPI4000 start?

ALPI4000 will start on Saturday 25 June 2022.

Riders will be divided into smaller groups leaving between 6:00am and 7:00 am.


How do I get to the start point in Bormio?

The precise location of the start point will be announced by May 2022.

A Malpensa-Bormio airport shuttle service will be arranged for a fee. In the month of April, timetables and rates will be communicated.

Can I leave some of my luggage in Bormio?

Yes, we'll provide a storage for the luggage you will be not carrying along the route.
The storage will be accessible only to Alpi4000 riders, the organization assumes no responsibility on personal belongins.



Along the route

Will you collect me in case I break down?

Not necessarily. Motorbikes located along the route are not allowed to carry cyclists. We will have limited capacity to recover riders in remote locations. But you will be responsible for getting to the closest control, where we will be able to give you assistance in fixing your bike or to help you get back to the start.

Make sure you are prepared in case things go wrong. This could include:

  • Riding with friends.

  • Taking out break down cover. Check your motor breakdown service, you may already be covered.

  • Carrying details of friends or relatives who could collect you.


Take into consideration the fact that in some mountain regions there could be no mobile phone reception. We will patrol these areas carefully and we will always give assistance to riders undergoing a brake down who are unable to call for help.

If you get injured or ill please call emergency services on 112.


Am I allowed to bring a support vehicle?

ALPI4000 is a fully-supported event. Food, drink and beds are all included in the fee. There will also be motorbike support along the route. This means that also novice riders should be able to complete ALPI4000 with no external support.

Support vehicles could be dangerous for riders. They are dangerous when parked in narrow roads or when driving along the route. Please consider taking advantage of the facilities offered and ride ALPI4000 with no external support.

All the vehicles and people giving assistance must register specifying who they are assisting. Each vehicle can offer assistance to more than one cyclist.

Any rider who is seen receiving assistance from an unregistered vehicle will be disqualified.

Support vehicles are not allowed to follow riders, but can give support only near controls.

Anybody who is seen cycling followed by a vehicle between two controls will be disqualified.


Is it possible to check my progress online?

Yes, it is. We will run an APP tracking system.



What are the available facilities at each control?

  • Showers, where available

  • Dormitory beds

  • Some bike parts for repair

  • Phone charging spot

  • Limited first aid equipment

Some controls might be selling extra items, e.g. energy gels, beer, coffee. 


What is it offered at controls at a special price for cyclists?

  • A choice of hot and cold meals

  • Cold and hot drinks


Can you take my stuff to controls and bring it back to Bormio?

Yes, sure! When you register the day before the start you can leave your bag at the bag drop. You will find your bag drop at the RANDO POINT in Rescaldina (double transit).  Please do not put fresh food, liquids or glass inside. We will take the bags to the control of Rescaldina and then back to Bormio.

TIP: If you plan to finish early, keep in mind that bags will not arrive in Bormio before Tuesday night.


Is it possible to charge mobile phones at controls?

Probably yes, but don't count on it.


Will there be Wifi at controls?

Probably yes, but don't count on it.


What if I arrive late at controls?

If you are late at a control, but you think you can still finish in time, please make every effort to continue. We will not disqualify any rider with a reasonable chance of finishing in time.

Once the official time has passed, it is up to the discretion each controller will decide how long to stay in the check point. If you arrive after the official closing time and the last check point is closed you will be disqualified.

If you arrive at a control later than the official closing time after having gone through Biella for the second time, and the control is closed, then we are afraid we will not be able to validate your ride.

TIP: The first part controls will remain opened until the passage of the last cyclist. This means you do not need to worry if you have a time deficit early in the ride.